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What Causes Birth Injuries?

Improper use of birthing tools like forceps or vacuum extractors can cause head and neck injuries resulting in brain or brachial plexus damage.

Improper fetal monitoring can also cause injuries like cerebral palsy that could have been avoided with proper monitoring.

Forcing a vaginal delivery can be dangerous when the baby is too large to fit through the birth canal and a C-section would have been safer.

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If your baby was injured in childbirth, your family is suffering.

Costs of Birth Injuries

Having children is expensive even when they’re healthy. But children with birth injuries and their parents face a lifetime of expensive medical treatments, therapy, and rehabilitation.

In some cases, the child might need a wheelchair, and your home will need expensive remodeling. Or the child might require an expensive, special needs school.

On top of all the costs kids with birth injuries incur, it’s likely one parent will need to stay home and care for the child, decreasing the family’s income when you need it most.

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Put Their Future First

If your baby was injured in childbirth, you don't have time to argue with the doctors or insurance company. Your baby needs your full attention.

If your baby was diagnosed with brain damage or neurological damage after childbirth, call a lawyer because you’re going to need the money from a settlement to provide for a special needs child.

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Babies injured in childbirth qualify for several types of compensation (called "damages"):

  • Current medical bills
  • Future medical bills
  • Ongoing rehabilitation and therapy
  • Special needs and education costs
  • Costs to modify your home
  • Future lost income of the child
  • Pain and suffering

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